Two tubes optics

Two tubes optics

Double-tube optics are the most comfortable type of terrain observation. Compared to single-tube optics, it has a wider viewing angle and a certain effect of presence. Two-tube thermal imaging technology has proven itself well in open spaces with difficult terrain. It is excellent for long-term observation. There are many spheres of application. It will be useful to everyone, from professionals to amateurs. Hunters, sportspeople, nature lovers, rescuers, law enforcement and security structures, geologists widely use the possibilities of two-tube optics. The principle of operation of infrared optics is based on the properties of anybody, to emit heat waves, which are recorded by thermal imagers and converted into a three-dimensional color image. The thermal picture of the terrain will be more contrasting with a large difference in surface temperatures. Information can be written to internal or external memory. When transferring data wirelessly to the phone, the phone software allows you to store, reproduce and transfer information. The devices are compatible with Android, iOS. They have a USB connector for charging; you can use an external battery. All devices are made of durable, lightweight materials that are shock, dust, and water-resistant. Consider two outstanding representatives of two-tube optics – binoculars and glasses.


Infrared binoculars can have two or one objective and two eyepieces. Two separate optical tubes give stereo vision, which improves the perception of the volume of space. The device is equipped with good resolution and large zoom. Binoculars allow you to observe what is happening for a long time comfortably. Your eyes do not get tired. It is possible to operate with one hand. Binoculars will be the ideal choice for long-term stationary observation at a great distance. The ergonomics of the device are well done, the software is simple. Some models support data transmission over wireless communication channels, with the ability to broadcast online. Thanks to modern gadgets, it has become possible to share your passion, hobby with family and friends. Note that the binoculars can work for a long time without recharging. For ease of use, it is possible to mount the device on a tripod. In terms of price-performance ratio, binoculars fully justify the investment. The more expensive the model, the more options the user has. Ultra-light and compact models with advanced technologies will give undoubted advantages in use.


Goggles can be made in two formats – with one or two lenses and two eyepieces. Goggles with double separate optical tubes give a better depth of view. They can be used on their own, attached with a special design to the head, or worn on a helmet. As well as binoculars, they give a good viewing angle and provide a sense of presence. Designed for long-term wearing and moving in them on foot or by car. The main difference between the glasses is the lack of lens magnification. In thermal imaging glasses, optics with a magnification of more than x1 are not used to be free to navigate. Compared to binoculars, they have less weight, dimensions and can give freedom of movement. Operation is convenient, ergonomic buttons with tactile response. Focusing is smooth, silent. There is a function of automatic image correction when lighting changes. When the light is bright enough, protection is triggered so as not to blind the user. It can be supplied with special moisture protection for added comfort. There is a function of recording photos and videos to transfer data to smart devices wirelessly. Designed for harsh environments, the goggles are lightweight and durable, withstand heavy use, for maximum wearing comfort, and superior image quality in all lighting conditions.

It isn’t easy to choose one universal product from these two worthy representatives. The choice is dictated by individual needs, budget, and operating conditions. In heavy traffic and confined spaces, glasses will work better. For longer distances and little movement, binoculars will be more useful. In confined spaces, binoculars will not give a good view, as they tend to magnify objects too much. If the task is to obtain a high-quality image from a long distance, then binoculars will be out of competition. If a high magnification is required, it would be wise to look at the device one generation up to give a better image. Thermal twin-tube optics is a significant investment. The rule here is that the higher the cost, the more opportunities you get. The more opportunities, the richer and more diverse the perception of life while traveling or hobbies. Regardless of your choice, remember that life is too fleeting to miss the bright moments that bring happiness.

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