One tube optics

One tube optics

If you are fond of observing nature, wild animals, hunting, or love to travel, then our article is written for you. Coming out of the urban jungle into the bosom of nature, a person finds himself in unequal conditions with representatives of the fauna. To equalize the chances and add bright colors to the journey, infrared optical systems have been created. All thermal imaging systems are based on blackbody principles. All bodies in the world emit heat waves, which are recorded by thermal imagers and transform into volumetric color or monochrome images. The user observes the picture in real-time. The greater the temperature difference, the clearer the image. All infrared vision devices are equipped with internal or external memory. Many infrared tubes are equipped with Wi-Fi. Infrared vision devices have increased durability, are made with protection from water, sand, and shock. Note that thermal imagers work perfectly in hot and cold weather, both day and night, under unfavorable conditions. Today we will talk about single-tube optics: sights, monoculars, and telescopes.


The scopes are perhaps one of the most compact single-tube infrared optics. However, at the same time, they retain all the advantages of night vision devices. Night vision scopes are designed with the characteristics of weapon recoil when firing. They are equipped with an adjustable electronic reticle for precise shooting. The sight is equipped with digital control, which allows you to change the position of the reticle without losing the coordinates of the work center from the field of view. The infrared sight is easy to attach to the weapon with a quick-release mount. The control of the thermal imaging sight is wireless, intuitive, and convenient. The display has a high resolution, which allows you to zoom in on the target without losing image quality. The sight has a built-in radiometric rangefinder for target detection at significant distances. The maximum comfort of use is complemented by automatic calibration, One-Shot Zero with freeze-frame function, digital sighting function, variable gain control, 5 zeroing profiles.


Monoculars combine compactness, lightweight, and the advantages of a full-fledged thermal imager. Unlike an infrared sight, a monocular does not have a reticle. Due to its small size, the monitor does not have a very high resolution, but all models have digital zoom. They can record digital video and photograph and transfer information to smart devices iOS and Android. Some models support wireless data transmission, and it is possible to share data online. The monocular control is simple and convenient. Power is provided from an external source through the USB port. The infrared monocular is equipped with a bright light shutdown system. It is possible to choose a more comfortable range from a variety of palettes. The monocular is designed for quick response to an event of interest. It will be useful in confined spaces for a short observation period. It can be used instead of sight to increase the sight range, like a spyglass, attach it to a helmet or mount it on a tripod. Recently, the monocular has been used not only in nature but also in everyday life. With its help, it is easy to detect leaks of heat, water, measure temperature. We get a reliable multifunctional device that will reliably serve for many years by purchasing a thermal imaging monocular.


Infrared telescopes are the largest single-tube optics. They can be instrumental in large areas and are designed for long-term comfortable observation. If you need to take a high-quality picture or record video from a long distance, then the telescope has no equal. Telescopes will be useful for calibrating and sighting weapons, observing sporting events such as sailing, mountaineering, hang gliding, hot air ballooning, rowing. For freedom of hands, the telescope is mounted on a tripod. Optical lenses are made of a specialized alloy with a multilayer coating. The screen resolution is high, with high magnification. Note that some models may be sold without an eyepiece. A high-quality eyepiece, matched to your needs, can be expensive. However, interchangeable eyepieces can expand your possibilities. The telescope enables remote, covert surveillance. Videos and photos are saved to internal memory or via Wi-Fi to a smartphone or computer. Some telescopes support live streaming. All models are made of durable modern materials and are protected from water, dust, shock.

Single-tube optics are rightly in constant demand among both amateurs and professionals. High image quality, comfort of use, reliable operation, and high protection make infrared optics a reliable partner in all the exciting events of your life.

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